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Work From Home

About 7.6 million Americans work from home. How would you like to work from home? No hustling out the door 10 minutes late, no fighting your road rage or battling for the last seat on the train, no fast-food lunch and no noisy co-workers. Sounds like heaven, doesn't it?

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What exactly is an independent distributor or a entrepreneur? Well, one of the better definitions we've heard is: "someone who perceives an opportunity and creates an organization to pursue it."

You're The Boss

Become a part of Purium Health Products' Family! The first step is to become a "Referral Agent" in your home-based business.

 Earn commissions with a start-up (one time in lifetime membership) fee of $29.95. You'll immediately receive a free Purium Health Products website with a back office to manage your home based business. This will enable customers to order products on-line under your Membership Idenfication (Number or Name) which calculates your bonuses. Additionally, you receive:

# Ten Purium Health Products’ catalogs to hand out to potential customers # Informative and promotional support literature # Book, "The Green Foods Bible" by David Sandoval # You will receive 25% off the website suggested retail (with details on how to receive an additional 15% off (total 40%) on all future orders

[NOTE: The website has complete educational lectures and "battle plans" with the do's and don't-do's of all the current major body ailments. With these "battle plans" one can immediately put into effect the data by helping their friends and family and co-workers who are suffering.]

While signing on as a member, you'll see a link covering the high-paying compensation plan. Start earning commissions.

For a Licensed Professional wanting to set up a "Professional Account" (giving a 40% discount), they must have a Tax ID number and an order of $150.00 on the first product purchase. Professionals have no minimum monthly purchase requirement. Professionals must phone directly to Purium Health Products to sign-up and must give my referral code, "12617". Each signee also receives a free Purium Health Products website.

1. Purium has over 75 whole food products. Most MLM’s have one to ten products.

2. Purium products are pure, organic and live. Most MLM’s add to their product line synthetic compounds, fillers, & preservatives.

3. Purium member product price list is close to wholesale. Most MLM’s member product price list is more than store retail.
4. Purium new member signup commission payout is 43% of purchase after giving a 25% discount. Most MLM new member signup payout is generally 20%.
5. Purium's 1st level residual commissions is 8% or 23% and is based on a new distributor bringing in two new members. Most MLM’s 1st level residual payout is 5 to 8%.
6. Purium requires no qualifying purchase to be paid on your 1st level down line. Distributors that signup members into their 2nd level and below must purchase $75 to qualify for Purium commissions. MLMs usually require $150 or more.
7. Purium Health Products owner David Sandoval is a world renowned nutritionist and product formulator. Most MLM’s are managed and operated by marketing type salesman.
8. Purium is a product oriented company that continues to focus weekly on expanding customer product knowledge through live events, email and phone education. Most MLM’s weekly events, emails and calls are mostly focused on the up line money successes.
9. Purium offers free shipping with orders of $150 or more. Most MLMs charge shipping and handling fees.
10. Purium has an easy commission program that anyone can understand. Most MLM payment plans are impossible to understand.

The commission payout is 43% for a new distributor signup on their first order.


1st Level Payout 8% or 23%
2nd Level Payout 6%
3rd Level payout 5%
4th Level Payout 5%
5th Level Payout 3% or 4% (group volume 15,000 to get 4%)
Pool Shares ½ % or 1% or 2% (based on group volume on 7 levels deep)
The commission payout for a (new signup) licensed professional is 28% on their first order and 8% 1st level residual. Professionals receive a 40% discount and must purchase $150 minimum. Professional accounts can build a down line.

The Purium's 43% new member sign up commission and the potential 23% first level residual income helps new distributor have startup income to get their business going. Distributors can make good money immediately if they signup new members and work the first level residual.
Network marketing always first starts off with the first direct sale which leads to a new member front line and a potential down line. The more front line members that you can bring into your group the greater your income. PHP distributor can have unlimited amount of front line members which equals unlimited down lines and income potential.
"Distributor A" when selling a new member Purium offers a discount of 25% off the member's product suggested retail price for life. "Distributor A" receives a commission from this sale of 43% of the total member's product purchase. Lets say "Distributor A" brings in 4 new distributors and their first product orders total a $1,000 then "Distributor A" would get $430.00 in commission. Please note this commission only applies to a new member.
"Distributor A" after signing up a new distributors wants to create his down line. "Distributor A" tells the new sign ups if you bring in 2 members they can save an additional 15% off (member discount 25% + 15%) your next product purchase for life. If he does not recruit his 2 new members "Distributor A" get the extra 15% with the 8% equaling 23% on the members next purchase. If the member gets his two new people "Distributor A" will get 8% commissions from the members purchase plus two new sign ups and is eligible to receive 6% commissions on all their future purchases. In order for "Distributor A" to receive 2nd Level Payout of 6% he must purchase himself a qualifying order with PHP of $75.00.

"Don't dream a dream, live a dream and let reality sleep." - Enyo Johnson